The cb2Bib Annote

This documents describes cb2Bib Annote. It succinctly lists Annote's minimalists syntax.

cb2Bib Directives

Make Index


BibTeX Directory


Simple Markup

Uniform Resource Locator

- URL:
- Named URL:[The cb2Bib Annote]
- On a blank window: _[The cb2Bib Annote]


Bibliographic Citations

\cite {key}


Citing the cb2Bib [1].

LaTeX Markup

Document Sections

\title{Title string}
\section{Section string}
\subsection{Section string} 
\subsubsection{Section string}

Document Environments

\begin{env}           % env = abstract, equation, itemize, and verbatim


\item Description 1
\item Description 2

Mathematical Macros

\newcommand{name}[number of arguments]{definition}

  1. P Constans. The cb2Bib: A tool for rapidly extracting unformatted biblographic references from email alerts, journal web pages, and PDF files. (2004 - 2012).
  2. D P Cervone. jsMath: A Method of Including Mathematics in Web Pages. (2004 - 2010).