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Furo[3,4-b]benzodioxin cycloadditions. A one-pot synthesis of functionalized bis-adducts
A simple extraction procedure for bibliographical author field
Approximate textual retrieval
Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of new benzodioxinic lactones as potential anticancer drugs
Preparation of N-arylpiperazines and other N-aryl compounds from aryl bromides as scaffolds of bioactive compounds
Preparation of Diarylamines and Arylhydrazines using Palladium Catalysts
On the functional significance of electron density protein structure alignments
The Laplace transform perturbative triples correction ansatz
Linear Scaling Approaches to Quantum Macromolecular Similarity: Evaluating the Similarity Function
Scaling reduction of the perturbative triples correction (T) to coupled cluster theory via Laplace transform formalism
Nonparametric Regression Applied to Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships
Desenvolupament computacional de la semblança molecular quàntica
Toward a global maximization of the molecular similarity function: Superposition of two molecules
Efficient algorithm for quantitative assessment of similarities among atoms in molecules
Atomic Shell Approximation: Electron density fitting algorithm restricting coefficients to positive values
Analytical NIR - Anir Overview
LSim Overview - Linear Scaling Molecular Similarity
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cb2Bib Overview:   • Release Note cb2Bib 1.9.0   • ChangeLog File   • Release Notes   • Description   • Using cb2Bib   • Advanced features   • Requirements   • Credits and License   • Reading and writing bibliographic metadata   • Release Note cb2Bib 1.1.0   • Configuring Files   • BiBTeX Entry Types available as cb2Bib fields   • Extracting data from the clipboard   • Regular Expression Editor   • Additional, Keyboard Functionality   • Buttons Functionality   • Configuring Documents   • PDF Reference Import   • Configuring Network   • Release Note cb2Bib 0.3.5   • The cb2Bib Command Line   • Embedded File Editor   • Configuration   • Search BibTeX files for references   • Configuring Utilities   • Release Note cb2Bib 0.4.1   • Release Note cb2Bib 0.2.1   • Configuring Shortcuts   • Configuring Clipboard   • Configuring BibTeX   • Automatic Extraction: Questions and Answers   • Processing of author's names   • Processing of journal names   • Field Recognition Rules   • Predefined cite and document ID placeholders   • The cb2Bib Citer   • Configuring Annote
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cb2Bib Installation:   • Installing on Unix systems (tarball)   • Installing on Unix systems (RPM)   • Installing on Debian systems (deb)   • Installing on Windows systems   • Installing on Mac OS X   • Release Note cb2Bib 0.6.90
cb2Bib Configuration:   • Configuring Fonts   • ISI Reference Format   • RIS Reference Format   • Release Note cb2Bib 0.8.4   • Export Selected Entries   • Writing metadata
cb2Bib Examples:   • Release Note cb2Bib 0.3.0   • BibTeX   • PNAS Table of Contents Alert   • ISI Web of Knowledge Table of Contents Alert   • American Chemical Society Publications   • DBLP article   • Nature from First Paragraph   • IOP Electronic Journals
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